Tracy Reed Art Studio

January-February 2017  -

3D Valentine Sweethearts

You've done the 3D Christmas Tree.  You've done the 3D Halloween Tree.  Have you done the 3D Valentine Heart Tree??  Well, now is your chance!  Join us for two Tuesdays, and you will create a magnificent mixed media display of love and happiness...a perfect decoration for Valentine's Day!  The photo below shows uncompleted masterpieces, so you get the idea.  They will be adorned with all sorts of trinkets too!  The finishing touch will be the lights!

Dates, times and fee 

Tuesdays - Jan. 31st and February 7th


‚Äč$50.00 (will accept up to 10 students, so sign up fast)

SATURDAY, Feb. 4th from 1-3:30p.m.  (crank this project out in one day with my fabulous daughter, Elliett!)